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American Gods - The Secret of the Spoons 2017 American Gods Media HD Screen Captures
Sold 2016 Sold Sophia Blu Ray Screen Captures
2016 The X Files - Revival Dana Scully HD Screen Captures 
War & Peace 2016 War and Peace Anna Pavlovna Scherer HD Screen Captures 
Robot Overlords 2015 Our Robot Overlords Kate HD Screen Captures 
Crisis - Pilot 2014 Crisis Meg Fitch HD Screen Captures
Last Love 2013 Mr. Morgan's Last Love
 (released as Last Love)
Karen Morgan HD Screen Captures
2013- The Fall Stella Gibson HD Screen Captures
2013-2015 Hannibal Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier HD Screen Captures
I'll Follow You Down 2012 I'll Follow You Down Marika HD Screen Captures 
Shadow Dancer 2012 Shadow Dancer Kate Fletcher DVD Screen Captures
L'enfant d'en haut
2012 L'enfant d'en haut Kristin Jansen DVD Screen Captures
Great Expectations 2011 Great Expectations Miss Havisham DVD Screen Captures
Johnny English Reborn 2011 Johnny English Reborn Pamela DVD Screen Captures
Moby Dick 2011 Moby Dick Elizabeth DVD Screen Captures
The Crimson Petal and the White 2011 The Crimson Petal and the White Mrs. Castaway DVD Screen Captures
Any Human Heart 2010 Any Human Heart Wallis Simpson/Duchess of Windsor DVD Screen Captures
2009 Boogie Woogie Jean Maclestone DVD Screen Captures
2008 How to Lose Friends & Alienate People Eleanor Johnson DVD Screen Captures
2007 The X Files: I Want to Believe Dr. Dana Scully Blu Ray Caps
Closure 2007 Closure Alice DVD Screen Captures
2006 The Last King of Scotland Sarah Merrit DVD Screen Captures
Bleak House 2005 Bleak House Lady Deadlock DVD Screen Captures
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story 
2005 Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story Widow Wadman DVD Screen Captures
2005 The Mighty Celt Kate DVD Screen Captures
The House of Mirth 2000 The House of Mirth Lilly Bart DVD Screen Captures
1998 Playing by Heart Meredith DVD Screen Captures
1998 The Mighty Loretta Lee DVD Screen Captures
1998 The X Files: Fight The Future Dr. Dana Scully Blu Ray Captures
Chicago Cab 1997 Chicago Cab Southside Girl DVD Screen Captures
1993-2002 The X Files Dr. Dana Scully DVD Screen Captures
  1993 Class of 96 Rachel  
Shadow Dancer 1992 The Turning April Cavanagh DVD Screen Captures
  1988 A Matter of Choice    
  1986 Three at Once Woman Number 1  

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